Step 1. Account Setup

If you do not have an account with Twilio yet, create an account here. Twilio also provides a WhatsApp sandbox which you can use to test. To setup your WhatsApp account you can refer to Twilio’s set of guides here.

Step 2. Twilio Integration in Raven

Account SIDTwilio Account SID. You can find it here.
Auth KeyTwilio Account Token. You can find it here.
FromThis must be a Twilio phone number that you own. Create one here.

Step 3. Delivery Reports

There is no additional configuration required to setup delivery reports. Raven manages the delivery callback internally for Twilio.

Raven supports sending both Session messaging (User initiated) and Template messaging (Business initiated). Support for handling incoming messages for session messaging is coming soon.


IP Whitelisting

You can control access by specifying Raven’s IP address, or make sure Raven’s IP addresses are whitelisted and not blocked.


If you are facing issues with this integration or find something missing, please write to us at