You can segregate your Integrations, Users, Events in different Apps. You can create multiple apps as per your use-case like a Merchant and Customer app or separate environments like a Production and Staging app.

Default App

On sign up, we create a default app in your account: your_account_name test. You can use this App to play around with the platform. In the default App, we add a Raven SMS and Email Integration by default. You can use them in Events to test the platform. To view them, go to the Integrations tab in the dashboard. Check our platform doc on Integrations for more details.

Create a New App

  • Go to the Settings tab in the dashboard and click on New App button

  • Fill in the details like App Name and Environment. Environment signifies which type of App this is. Learn more about Environment here.

  • You can switch to other Apps either by clicking Switch App button or from the dropdown in the left-side Nav bar.

    App ID

    Every app has an associated identifier: App ID. You will need this identifier in the Raven APIs.

Locating App ID