Role based access control is available for all Raven customers. If you want to control user roles of the users at app-level, you need to upgrade to Raven’s Enterprise plan.

In our RBAC model, we provide a set of user roles that controls their

  1. Account permissions
  2. App permissions

User Roles (Account)

An account role allows permissions for actions at Account level like invite members, edit account details, billing etc. An account has 2 roles :

  1. Owner - This role allows users to have complete control over the account and app permissions.
  2. Member - This role allows only read permissions for actions at Account level. A member can be an admin/ editor/ viewer for multiple apps (discussed below)

Invite Member

User Roles (App)

An app Role allows permissions for actions at App level like viewing/editing logs, metrics, event, providers and inviting members to that app.

  1. Admin - A user with Admin permissions in an app has complete control over the app and also can invite new members to that app.
  2. Editor - A user with Editor permissions in an app can edit events/ providers in an app but cannot invite members to that app.
  3. Viewer - A user with Viewer permissions has access to only view data on that app.

Invite Member to App

App Privacy Access

An App can have public or private access. This helps you to control who can access the apps.

  1. Public: This allows all the members of that account to access this app.
  2. Private: This allows only members invited to that app to access the app.

Private App is only present in Raven’s enterprise plan. With this feature, admins can add only relevant users in an app. For example - this allows account administrators to create multiple apps for each company’s department and allow only members of that dept to access the app.

App Privacy Access

Permissions Matrix

Account level RoleApp Level RoleInvite new members to accountInvite new members to appCan edit App Invitations and App MembersCan edit Account Invitations and Account Members
Public AppsPrivate Apps