Firebase Push

  1. Start with creating an app and an add a Firebase integration. Then, create an event with push enabled. For detailed steps, please follow the docs. If you are trying in Sandbox, then a Firebase integration is already in place. The sandbox account only supports web push on the Raven console. You can retrieve the device token by clicking the Firebase integration.

  2. Add a push template to the event and it make it live. Please check the doc on how to add a push template.

  3. Once the event is setup, you can either create a user with token on Raven or pass the device token directly when triggering the event. Check the Users doc for details.

  4. Trigger the event using the console or the Send Event API. Check the testing doc for details.

Once you send an event, you will see a log created in the Logs section. The status of the notification will be updated based on the delivery, or whether the notification is clicked or dismissed.