Step 1. Account Setup

If you do not have an account with ValueFirst yet, you will have to create an enterprise account by contacting their support here. Once you have registered yourself on DLT and created an ValueFirst account, you can then add ValueFirst Integration in Raven.

If you are sending SMSs in India, TRAI has mandated to register their business, headers (sender IDs), and templates on any of the DLT platforms. Follow the guide here to get the setup done.

Step 2. ValueFirst Integration in Raven

UsernameAccount number provided by Enterprise SMS ValueFirst.
PasswordPassword provided by ValueFirst for authentication of username .The password must be the same as used to log on to the Enterprise SMS ValueFirst website.
Sender IDSender id to be sent with the SMS. It has to be preconfigured 6 characters alphabetical sender id for the enterprise account. The Sender ID should be linked with the SMS template as registered on DLT portal.
API TypeDefault is “JSON”.
High AvailabilityCheck this if you would be using ValueFirst HA API.
RouteApplicable only for SMSes sent by Indian businesses to Indian destination numbers. Use the route type specified when registering your templates. Possible values: Transactional, OTP, Promotional.
DLT Entity IDApplicable only for SMS sent by Indian businesses to Indian destination numbers. Your Entity Id as registered on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) portal of operators in India. This is mandatory to be passed in API or configured on Dashboard for SMSes towards Indian destination here

Step 3. Delivery Reports

There is no additional configuration required to setup delivery reports. Raven manages the delivery callback internally for ValueFirst.


Send additional parameters to ValueFirst

Raven sends the fields present in the SMS template to ValueFirst by default. To send additional fields, please check our Override doc.

IP Whitelisting

You can control access by specifying Raven’s IP address, or make sure Raven’s IP addresses are whitelisted and not blocked.


If you are facing issues with this integration or find something missing, please write to us at