Notifications Center


Step 1. Add Integration

  • In the dashboard, Integrations > In-app > Raven, setup the integration by adding the integration name.

Step 2. Generate a unique signature for every user

  • To allow Raven to fetch the notification details for a user, Raven needs a unique signature for every user. This can be done by generating a hash of the userId signed with the Raven API Key.
  • Since this signature requires Raven API key, it is highly recommended to create a backend API that generates the hash and sends to the frontend. Following example shows how to generate a HMAC-SHA256 Signature (hash of your userId signed with your Raven API Key) in Java -
  • Add this dependency to pom.xml for using HmacUtils to generate signature
import org.apache.commons.codec.digest.HmacUtils;

private String hmacSha256Signature(String userId, String apiKey) {
     return (new HmacUtils("HmacSHA256", apiKey.getBytes()).hmacHex(userId));
  • You can generate the signature on login and pass to the SDK on initialization.
  • For testing purposes, use the free HMAC-SHA256 hash generator tool. Pass the text as the user identifier and the secret key as your Raven API key.

Step 3. Add SDK

Add the frontend SDK that shows the notification center. Currently we support the following SDKs:

Step 4. Delivery Reports

Setting up Delivery Reports for In-app sent via Raven does not require any additional step. Raven SDK automatically handles the delivery reports.