Step 1. Account Setup

  • To access Amazon SES, you need to Sign up for AWS first.
  • Before you send email through Amazon SES, you need to verify that you own the “From” address.
  • Initially your SES account will be in Sandbox, and you will be allowed to send emails to only verified emails. You can verify all your “To” addresses or domains. For more information, see Verifying identities in Amazon SES. In the AWS SES sandbox, you can only send emails to addresses/domains you have verified. Also, it has a quota of 200 emails per 24-hour period at a maximum rate of one email per second. To increase your sending quotas and to send email to unverified email addresses, see Moving out of the Amazon SES sandbox.
Make sure to enable production access before you go live.

Step 2. AWS SES Integration in Raven

From AddressYour verified “From” email address
From Name“From Name” of your emails. You can also pass this in the Send Event API. Check the Advanced section below.
Access Key IDYour AWS Access Key ID. To get your access credentials, check here.
Secret Access KeyYour AWS Secret Access Key. To get your access credentials, check here.
RegionYour AWS Region. Default is “ap-south-1”.
Reply to AddressReply email address. You can also pass this in the Send Event API. Check the Advanced section below.

We currently only support sending emails via the SES REST API and not the SMTP interface.

For security best practice, use AWS IAM user access keys instead of AWS account access keys. Your AWS account credentials grant full access to all your AWS resources, so you should instead use IAM user credentials. For more information, see Root Account Credentials vs. IAM User Credentials.

Step 3. Delivery Reports

Setting up Delivery Reports for Emails sent via SES is a bit tricky and requires you to setup AWS SNS. We will soon be updating the steps to setup delivery reports. For more information you can refer the AWS guide to configure SNS for SES.

💫 Advanced

Send additional parameters to AWS SES

Raven will send the fields present in the Email template to SES by default. Additionally, you can send “cc”, “bcc”, “From Name”, “Reply-to” fields in the Send Event API. This will override the fields added in the Integration. Please check our Override doc here.

IP Whitelisting

You can control access to SES by specifying Raven’s IP address, or make sure Raven’s IP addresses are not blocked. Please follow the AWS guide here.


If you are facing issues with this integration or find something missing, please write to us at